Playing catch-up in shorts

I’ve been slack, very slack with this blog of late. Because like a true Geminii I get bored easily and am tempted by the next glittering thing. The next glittering writing project/genre/challenge and the next platform on social media. But here I am back with a renewed fondness for my blog because, let’s face it, I’m verbose. Restraining my word count is not my strong point. So really Twitter, Facebook and recently Instagram just don’t fill my rambling need.

And I admit I lost faith in my blog for a time I’ve been reading other excellent writing blogs and did a course on social media for writers and realised I’m doing it all wrong.

I should have a brand, a focus for my blog. I should target my potential fiction readers.  But like my restless Geminii personality my blog is a hotch-potch of nature photography and taxonomy, book reviews, writing (in all genres and ages) travel and general musings.

Who is going to follow that? Who has my eclectic blend of interests?

Probably nobody.

But that’s who I am. And even if I write to nobody but myself at least I’ll be writing a variety of things that’ll keep me interested. If one week somebody visits my blog who is interested in the Asian House Gecko and the next week another person reads my poetry challenge efforts and the next week a dystopian enthusiast reads my book review on, Wool then, to me, that’s thrilling. Not practical. Not good marketing. Just fun.

So what to do now? How do I play catch-up?

Well I’m writing a series of shorts. Not so succinct they are Twitter or Instagram size, but short enough to summarise my endeavours and observations over the last 8 months. Including:

 Reading shorts – Mini-reviews of the books I have read recently with a focus on my, Use for Writers (as there are plenty of reviews out there which have good synopses and inciteful opinions) – on my Book Reviews blog.

book shorts blue (2)

Creativity/Musing shorts – What I’ve learnt, where I’m heading on my writing journey and how I stepped outside my comfort zone in the last 8 months – on my Literaleigh blog


Nature shorts – this is the one I am looking forward to most. I’ve taken many photos and want to share some observations – on Nature Lovers Log.

nature shorts colour



6 thoughts on “Playing catch-up in shorts

  1. Good on you, Leigh! You need to write about what interests you, not what potential readers might like. I’m sure there will be many people interested in your blogs, in most of them, if not all. But, hey, who has ever written more than one blog that EVERYONE was interested in?
    You’re on the right track, I think.

    Good luck!


    • Thanks Vahida, I just want to indulge all my interests not ready to settle into serious ‘author platform building’ yet. Hope you are forging ahead with your writing. Great to hear from you.


    • Thanks David. I am proud but not necessarily of her talent or successes – proud of her persistence, hard work, and her strength at standing by her principles and her friends against.. well.. so many crap things that have happened. One day she will write her own book and it will be unbelievable (she has lived more life in her 22 years than I have in 50+) but not my story to tell. Hope you are all great up there. Loved the pics of your travels.


  2. This is great, Leigh. I love the shorts! They reminded me of those Margaret Shorts middle-grade novels which my kids absolutely love. I’m looking forward to reading them all.


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