SDOW done and posted

These last few days it’s been wonderful seeing the posts of others as they load their seven photos for the Seven Days of Wonder, nature photo challenge. I have marvelled at different views of my home region – the Illawarra. But have also seen vistas from of the deserts of Dubai and the beaches of the Gold Coast. Have been challenged trying to identify spiders and even a snake. Have seen artistic SLR photography and equally as interesting phone shots. Have discussed the correct names of bushes and birds.

My proposal for Seven Days of Wonder was always an experiment. A shot in the dark. I didn’t know if anybody would take it up. There was always a possibility that my facebook and writerly friends would think I am crazed greenie with a strange idea (I suspect some do but at least they didn’t say so). So I was pleased when the photos started trickling into my facebook feed. However, I got no takers from twitter or blogs. I blame myself entirely. I set up the challenge on impulse without thinking how to interact with a wider audience. I don’t regret that, as I have learnt a lot about the logistics of the challenge without failing on the big stage.I have to go away and really think about what I want to achieve now if I am to continue issuing the SDOW challenges. My biggest problem is, not the concept (I am still passionate about that), but how to go forward regarding social media.

Should I set up a public facebook site?

What are the implications for administrating a page where anybody can post?

Is their copyright issues?

How do I get children involved?

How do I encourage people to contribute their own expertise and experience using comments.

Do I even want it to become bigger? (I have enjoyed being able to study all the posts)

I really don’t want SDOW to become a photography challenge as there is plenty of those. I want it to be an observational and educational challenge. There is a lot to consider and technical issues to negotiate. Even with the small scale of this first challenge I encountered issues with sharing settings that didn’t allow friends of friends to view the posts. Ah ! nothing is ever simple but then I didn’t expect it to be.

Thank you to those who supported my crazy idea. Above I’ve posted a selection of Illawarra photos (mine and others) taken during the challenge.

SDOW has achieved one of my selfish motivations and reignited my passion for backyard biology. It has spurred me on to create another blog stream which I am going to call the Nature Lovers Log. This won’t be entirely at odds with my creativity/writerly blog as much of my inspiration (and others far greater than me) comes from nature. Come to think of it, most of my writer friends are also lovers of the outdoors and/or gardens and animals. Maybe there is a connection there.








2 thoughts on “SDOW done and posted

  1. You mean you are NOT a crazed greenie with a strange idea? 😮😜

    I enjoyed it, even though I didn’t take part. But then again, I’m a crazed greenie who likes strange ideas. 😉

    Looking forward to your nature blog.


    • Thanks Vicki, Crazy greenies everywhere. Hopefully one day we’ll take over the world (Insert evil laugh). I feel pretty excited about the Log Blog too. It is like I’ve got a second chance at being a naturalist. It was always my ambition but for practical reasons I ended up in labs and offices.


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