Tree loss

collage-2015-12-19 tree loss 2

IMG_1878 thumbnailI am a little gloomy today. We have always had a lovely thicket of bottle brushes and paperbarks along our back fence. Now they are gone.

I used to pretend that we backed on to the bush, when we were, in reality, in a truly suburban block hemmed in on three sides. Even visitors used to believe there was no house over our back fence. They, and I, couldn’t see the house for the trees. This illusion is no longer plausible. I can see our back neighbours clothes line and the back wall of their house over the top of my bare back fence.

The problem is the trees were on the other side of the fence not on ours. For whatever reason our neighbours decided to take two bottle brushes (Callistemons) and two paperbarks (Melaleucas) down. I don’t know the back neighbours – partly because of the trees that gave us privacy and the fact they have a different street frontage. Maybe the trees were shading their pool too much, undermining their landscaping – who knows? I just know I  feel the need to post this small photo memorial to the lost trees. When I first got my SLR camera these trees and the birds that sheltered in them were my favourite subjects. I had planned to point my camera in that direction for at least a few photos for Seven Days of Wonder.* The picture of the silvereye in the bottlebrush is one of the first photos I took with my Canon and is still one of my favourites.

From Silvereye’s to silver linings. The loss of the trees means that our back garden bed now gets more sunlight. So I will grow my own native trees. I already have a grevillea there but want to chose some taller shrubs and small trees to eventually (very slowly) form another thicket.

Has anybody got a favorite bird-attracting tree to suggest?

*(Don’t forget only three days to start of SDOW photo challenge.)


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