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Seven Days of Wonder: Share it.



Here’s a challenge. Join me in Seven Days of Wonder with a little nature photography. This the proposal – At the beginning at the Summer Solstice (Tues 22nd December in Australia).*

  1. Take one photo every day for seven days with the last day being the 28th Dec.
  2. Photos for Seven Days of Wonder have to be of natural wonders. Tiny or large. Animals or plants (cultivated ones included). Birds or insects. Rocks or oceans. Sky or dirt. Nothing man-made (except backgrounds), No pets, No selfies, No people
  3. The 7 photos are posted at the one time on your own site/feeds (facebook, blog, twitter) anytime in the following week with title Seven Days of Wonder and tag #sdow.
  4. Comments on the final posts should contribute to our overall knowledge and wonder of the photos taken. For instance for the posted picture above – Tom could comment that the photo in the right corner was a Saunder’s Case moth which lives all its caterpillar life in its bag of silk, and plant material. Kim could relate some lines of poetry about lavender or its medicinal uses.

*If anybody is reading this in the Northern Hemisphere. Then your #sdow can start on the Winter Solstice (either the 21st or 22nd of December 2015.)

It is not about taking brilliant photos -but great if you do. It’s about noticing and learning. Some of you may be holidaying to exotic locations and post spectacular photos with an SLR but others may concentrate on one corner of your backyard. Some may live in the city and take a picture of a dandelion struggling through the pavement on your phone or an ibis in the park. Wherever you are and whatever you do I have a vision of us all learning amazing things about the world around us by looking at and commenting on each other’s photos.


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